Screencaps From Insta

I have a habit of collecting of screenshots for just in case moments. It's not only me, right?
  1. ...She looks badass with silver hair
  2. Official stalker status over a K-pop artist
  3. Sometimes there are really great paintings on insta
    Gabriel Orozco
  4. My Japanese friend writing on her insta stating how fun it is to study English in three different languages
    Japanese, Korean, and Chinese....
  5. Fancy Gallery Shot @MattheMarksGallery
  6. Great composition for a monoprint
    Tara Donavan
  7. A tunnel made of shiny gift papers found at your local Michaels
    Posted by StuartComer, curator at Moma. Artist:SelagasCano
  8. Artist in process
  9. Unexpected usage of the frame
    Posted by RubellCollection Artist:Dianna Molzan
  10. a show I wished I saw
  11. I really really wanted an Aries throw pillow
  12. how does anyone look so magnificent