I have a habit of collecting of screenshots for just in case moments. It's not only me, right?
  1. ...She looks badass with silver hair
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  2. Official stalker status over a K-pop artist
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  3. Sometimes there are really great paintings on insta
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    Gabriel Orozco
  4. My Japanese friend writing on her insta stating how fun it is to study English in three different languages
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    Japanese, Korean, and Chinese....
  5. Fancy Gallery Shot @MattheMarksGallery
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  6. Great composition for a monoprint
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    Tara Donavan
  7. A tunnel made of shiny gift papers found at your local Michaels
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    Posted by StuartComer, curator at Moma. Artist:SelagasCano
  8. Artist in process
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  9. Unexpected usage of the frame
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    Posted by RubellCollection Artist:Dianna Molzan
  10. a show I wished I saw
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  11. I really really wanted an Aries throw pillow
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  12. how does anyone look so magnificent
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