...well this should be interesting
  1. An artist
    I just like to express myself on paper
  2. A Korean idol
    It was nearly attainable but the tone deaf and lack of rhythm killed the dream.
  3. Missionary
    A close family friend was a missionary and I looked up to him as a role model. I do enjoy helping people but realized the religion was compromising my identity.
  4. A social worker
    I enjoyed helping people but realized the job would have been a detrimental affect to my emotions. I respect and admire any social workers.
  5. Architect
    Wait, nah.
  6. Professional Iditarod Racer
    Cause it sounded badass and it was senior year of college
  7. An artist
    These days my friend and i have batched a plan to build a farmhouse in the SouthWest to fulfill our dreams. Me as an artist and she as a writer.....