Funny ways I've been introduced. Just in case someone ask.

other list name: how not to introduce me
  1. Creamoh (cute, but mushy) Reymond!(coffee shops, famously starbucks) Reh-mo! (Bisaya friends)Tito! (Ilonggo friends)
    Just Remo as in Reemoo!
  2. "He is a doctor of the bones."
    I'm a physician, but not just of bones
  3. He is a multi awarded blah. blah, blah..
    More than 1 is multi right?
  4. He has been to many places
    I never have been outside the Philippines ever.
  5. He is a handsome guy...
    C'mon. You have not seen me in person.
  6. He is a prolific writer...
    Im a blogger. I have not written any book yet