Things That Taste Like My Childhood

Inspired by @eightk - My family is from Lancaster, PA and of PA Dutch origin. I am a vegetarian now and, sadly, can no longer eat most of my family recipes. I also grew up in Hawaii and Guam, so I ate a lot of different food as a child.
  1. PA Dutch ham and green beans
  2. PA Dutch chicken pot pie
  3. Lebanon bologna sandwiches
  4. Haluski
    Noodles and cabbage.
  5. Pork and cabbage
  6. red beet eggs
  7. Dippy eggs
  8. Homemade pound cake
  9. Lau lau
  10. Sticky white rice with every meal
  11. Spam musubi and spam in general
  12. Kalua pig
  13. Shave Ice
  14. Lumpia
  15. Chamorro spread
    I can remember feasting like this on the reg.