Get MAME'd, suckas.
  1. Vigilante
    I played the beans out of this at our local Round Table Pizza circa 1992. It's a beat em up where you can play as Generic Hulk Hogan, Generic Mister T, Generic Bruce Lee, and another guy I can't remember.
  2. Blood Brothers
    Smoke hordes of dynamite-tossing banditos, yodeling Indian braves, and evil Pinkerton-looking motherfuckers as a guy with magic six shooters and a roll dodge that makes you temporarily bulletproof.
  3. Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
    Some might say that this game has made so many underrated lists that it is now, in fact, properly rated. No. It's still underrated because it's just that goddamn good.
  4. X-Men (6-Player Edition)
    There were also 4-Player and 2-Player Editions but they're not underrated. Why? Because the 6-Player Edition allowed you to play the fun metagame of sticking younger siblings or other annoying people in the 5th and 6th rump control positions that were LITERALLY PERPENDICULAR TO THE SCEEN.
  5. Golden Axe
    What can be said about Golden Axe that has not already been said? I loved tuning up those little dwarf guys at the end of each level and stealing their magic pots.
  6. Tetris
    Yeah, that's right, Arcade Tetris is underrated. It was the ultimate showoff game until SF2 came out.
  7. Robotron: 2084
    Oh, so you like Smash TV a lot? Robotron did it first, and it did it better, too. You're welcome, Junior.
  8. Rampart
    Napoleonic siege warfare. This game is a straight diamond lane to insanity. A Rampart dispute prompted the only near fistfight of my arcade gaming career. Good times!
  9. Solomon's Key
    Ingenious Japanese mind torture. Guaranteed to prompt existential crisis in preteen nerds, followed by potential turn to Buddhism.
  10. Joust
    Arcade games tend to have bizarre concepts, but riding flying ostriches and avoiding lava, evil ghost hands, and a pterodactyl has to take the cake. Highly addictive. Easy to learn, hard to master.
    Suggested by @Nicholas