1. I learned that human beings have TWO Carotid arteries.
  2. Getting strangled is better than getting punched in the face.
  3. If you're totally screwed, you can just give up and start over, no big deal.
  4. It teaches you to recognize when you're totally screwed.
  5. You drop a ton of weight.
  6. After getting tapped out about 14,000 times, finally making some other fool tap out is positively orgasmic.
  7. Instructors are called "Professors."
  8. My professor is of Jamaican extraction and plays awesome reggae music during practice.
  9. Asking @mandi if my nose looks crooked?
  10. You get to wear tights! (They're called "spats")
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  11. The 10th Planet System (my school / style) has moves called "crackhead control," "the vaporizer," and "the crotchripper," among many others.
  12. Explaining that I bruise easily because I'm Irish.
  13. Everyone is super respectful and cool, and actually tries to help you improve.
  14. For instance, after you get tapped / tap your partner, you quite frequently go back and analyze what happened together.
  15. It's something I can do for a long, long time, unlike any of the other crazy shit I've done for exercise over the years (CrossFit, boxing, Muay Thai...)
  16. A lot of the people that are really into it are turbo nerds, engineers, coders, etc.
  17. Brazilians!