1. Photoshoot for Estée Lauder.
  2. My little girl was making craft with Jennifer Garner and asked questions like, "What's the favorite movie you made?" Her answer was, "13 Going On 30."
  3. Invited to the White House to preview the state china and met with Michelle Obama. Her perfume was light and subtle.
  4. Cute donuts. Lots of them.
  5. Fried 9 eggs together and they came out good.
  6. Taught some social media workshops and had a lot of fun.
  7. Ate whole lamb's head and it was really good.
  8. Siri follows me on Twitter. 😮
  9. Star Wars....!!
  10. Stayed at the dome house in Joshua Tree.
  11. Stahl House
  12. Shared some simple recipes in January 2016 issue of Glamour Magazine.
  13. Engaged.
  14. A complete family this Christmas.