1. Joshua Tree
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    Went to Joshua Tree and stayed at the Dome house for several days - for mental detox and to celebrate my fiancé's 40th birthday.
  2. Celebration
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    It was my fiancé, @withmartin's birthday!
  3. Night sky
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    Stayed up late to look at the beautiful starry sky.
  4. Went to the opening night of Mast Brothers pop-up and ate (also bought) too many chocolates.
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  5. Sunday brunch
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    I gathered some of my fiancé, @withmartin's closest friends for brunch and surprised him with another birthday celebration.
  6. Chinese food
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    My sister was craving Chinese food.
  7. Well, well, well
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    Got copies of the January 2016 issue of Glamour Magazine, which I have a 2-page spread talking about Pinterest and cooking and photography. 😁