THIS PAST WEEK (11/30 TO 12/6)

  1. Joshua Tree
    Went to Joshua Tree and stayed at the Dome house for several days - for mental detox and to celebrate my fiancé's 40th birthday.
  2. Celebration
    It was my fiancé, @withmartin's birthday!
  3. Night sky
    Stayed up late to look at the beautiful starry sky.
  4. Went to the opening night of Mast Brothers pop-up and ate (also bought) too many chocolates.
  5. Sunday brunch
    I gathered some of my fiancé, @withmartin's closest friends for brunch and surprised him with another birthday celebration.
  6. Chinese food
    My sister was craving Chinese food.
  7. Well, well, well
    Got copies of the January 2016 issue of Glamour Magazine, which I have a 2-page spread talking about Pinterest and cooking and photography. 😁