West LA has more and more really good brunch spots now. Here are some of my favorites--
  1. Viviane in Beverly Hills
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  2. Local Kitchen and Wine Bar in Culver City
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  3. Farmshop in Brentwood
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  4. The Getty Center in Brentwood
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    Great way to spend the morning looking at art and eat. The cafe has been expanded with a lot of food choices.
  5. Milo&Olive in Brentwood
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  6. Tavern / The Larder in Brentwood
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  7. Cadet in Santa Monica
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  8. Huckleberry in Santa Monica
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  9. M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica
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    Maple syrup bacon - must have.
  10. Palihouse in Santa Monica
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    Not open to public, but if you happen to stay there for staycation you can order brunch anywhere in the boutique hotel.
  11. Another Kind of Sunrise in Venice
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    A quick order-and-go spot tucked inside an alleyway.
  12. Dudley Market in Venice
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    Cute part-shop-part-cafe spot. French toast is 👌🏼.
  13. Gjelina in Venice
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  14. Gjusta in Venice
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  15. Rose Cafe in Venice
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  16. Superba Food + Bread in Venice
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