We are garbage people living in a garbage world. Educate yourself on these issues to save our home, the planet Earth.
  1. Pollution (water, air, soil)
  2. Hydraulic fracking
    Literally injuring the earth.
  3. Animal exploitation
    Poaching, overfishing, feed lots
  4. Sustainability
    This is good! But still needs to be achieved
  5. Monsanto
    The Devil incarnate.
  6. Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)
    Started in 1996, not good, unnatural processing of foods, should choose organic alternatives!
  7. Endangered/threatened species
    The world is a codependent balanced food chain. Keep it that way.
  8. Climate Change
    Or Global warming. Depends on who you're talking to for which term to use.
  9. Greenhouse gases
    Thank manufacturing and transportation.
  10. Renewable energy
    Solar panels! Wind turbines! Yay!
  11. Non renewable resources
    Oil/natural gas/nuclear power/coal. Let's not people.
  12. Carbon footprint
    Calculate what yours is, and then reduce it.
  13. Overpopulation
  14. World hunger
  15. Poverty
  16. Women's equal opportunity for an education
  17. Deforestation
    Palm oil = losing millions of acres of trees daily = losing oxygen for ourselves. Not thinking selfishly = destroying narrow habitats, soil quality, land use, etc.
  18. Recycling
    Just do it.
  19. Glaciers
    They're melting.