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The most LA shopping experience of them all.
  1. "This juice doesn't even taste like juice... It tastes like pressed berries."
  2. Vincent Gallo
  3. Suki Waterhouse
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Person A is someone who used to work at Erewhon but doesn't anymore.
  1. A. "Yo, have you ever done hard drugs?"
  2. B. "Yeah"
  3. A. "Like what?"
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  1. "Oh a client emailed me something this morning but I can't remember what."
  1. Roommate says "let's go to Republique! They have great kimchi fried rice" a lunch menu item
  2. We drive 2 blocks to Republique because we live in LA
  3. Oops! It's dinner time and not only do they not have the kimchi fried rice, the menu is 50% more expensive.
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  1. "I could really go for a beet juice right now." (It's 9:00am on Monday)
  2. "I need to stop spending money but I don't know how."
  3. "I just got on Raya and I need you to tell me if my photos look good or not"
  4. "My back really hurts. Something bad happened. I don't think I can actually sit down today."