I never thought about my current profession (librarian), until I volunteered at a science museum in their library.
  1. Ballerina
    I was pretty sure anyone in a tutu could make it as a ballerina. I was also 4.
  2. Artist
    This was always pretty nebulous. What kind of artist? What type of art did I even like? I can't remember. I was in 2nd grade.
  3. Basketball Player
    The WNBA didn't exist yet, but after years of rec team ball and watching college women's teams, I just figured it was a thing I could do. This was junior high. (P.S. I wasn't that good, but I LOVED it.)
  4. FBI Agent/Medical Examiner
    Dana Scully was the best and I wanted to be just like her. This is still true, but I've learned that I really dislike blood. Ick. High school me didn't know that yet.
  5. Animator
    I am not very good at drawing, but I am impressionable and a documentary about Studio Ghibli got me excited. That was college. It didn't last long, but my affection for Ghibli films is unchanged.
  6. Museum Tour Guide
    Are most of these people volunteers? In grad school, this sounded really great. I like talking and also learning stuff. I might not be bad at this.