A cry for help
  1. No one knows I'm here
    I'm really not just saying that. If I like, got sucked in to this app because of some freak science fiction plot and could only make lists as a cry for help - only the chirping crickets would hear me. And what do they care. They're just chirping all the time in the silence.
  2. Facebook has stolen all sense of list making reason from the world of social media and I don't really want to post my lists there
    I really don't love mixing my social media and I feel like different platforms have different personalities that don't necessarily work together. So yeah.
  3. My first 2 lists and probably this one too, are really mediocre
    Being funny is hhhhhhaaaarrrrrrrd!
  4. I just really want this app to do more than it can right now.
    Can I make it post to my blog? No, I don't think so... Can it make me a lunch for work tomorrow? Not yet!
  5. Technology is only part of what we want
    It sounds more deep and philosophical if I don't explain this one so I'm just going to leave it