Because knowing the signs is the first step to admitting you have a problem.
  1. You compulsively check the Quill & Quire RRS job feed. JIC
  2. You find yourself alphabetizing and facing out books when browsing in the BC Ferries gift shop.
  3. You scoff or roll your eyes at every single staff pick at Chapters. Even if you haven't read them.
  4. You cringe when anybody mentions The Celestine Prophecy
  5. Your first instinct is to walk away or give a lecture on stereotyping when young women ask for chick lit.
  6. You have a list of books in your head that you visit on the shelf every morning before the store opens. Because books need visitors too.
  7. You pray every night to Sylvia Beach to win the lottery so that you can open a bookstore your very own. And then when you wake up in the morning you weep a little because you know it won't happen.