1. People get ill sometimes.
  2. People who are constantly breathing recycled air on planes get ill sometimes.
  3. People who are constantly shaking the hands of many germ-carrying human beings get ill sometimes.
  4. People who are on a gruelling schedule and likely not sleeping anything close to enough get ill sometimes.
  5. People who are ill should stop what they are doing and go to bed and recover. If they do this sooner rather than later, they will likely be ill for less time. I know I will be pilloried by Americans for daring to suggest this ridiculous belief, but keeping going when ill is actually not heroic or brave. It's stupid, harmful, of benefit to no one.
  6. It is none of our damn business how much water an ill person is drinking.
  7. It is not journalism to quote one anonymous source telling us how much water he or she is drinking.
  8. This applies to candidates of either party.
  9. Perhaps, a few weeks away from a vital election, we should focus on the substance of what each candidate stands for.