Li'l bit of morning creativity. What autumn imagery can you evoke in 5/7/5 syllables?
  1. music in the wind/ late october’s final song / dancing red and gold
    - Daver Austin
  2. yellow butterflies / pressed against the window pane… / hello, autumn leaves
    - Pandita Sanchez
  3. she ascends stone steps / brightly strewn with gold red leaves / her spirit lifting
    - Andrea Dietrich
  4. A first snow melting / silver drops slick shining leaves / bright transformation
    Suggested by @shaniobrien
  5. Step on crunchy leaves//I can smell them in the air//feels good to be home.
    Suggested by @abbinka
  6. fill my soul with life / the death of the summer days / sweetest scents arise
    Suggested by @amber
  7. the colours are bright! / uh oh, why are they falling? / everything is dead. 🙁
    Suggested by @celeste
  8. Pumpkin Spice Latte™ / Solid red holiday cup / Basic fall drama
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  9. Jacket for morning / shorts and tank for afternoon / Fall is bipolar
    Suggested by @CIMHsv
  10. Wearing thicker socks/sipping drinks and steam staches/only warm inside
    Suggested by @adrilars
  11. The leaves are all down / And umbrellas are all up / Green glory goes gold
    Suggested by @cbarbulescu
  12. An earnest, crisp wind / sweeps us ahead, shoulders hunch'd / to winter's beckon
    Suggested by @jumo