1. Tiny Beautiful Things, by @CherylStrayed
    @LizDawson is so easy to buy for - I originally had at least three books in mind for her, but then I bought her other book-related things and had to calm down before it got ridiculous. But this one survived the cull, in part because I'm looking forward to discussing it with her.
  2. Washington DC gift book
    I bought a super cute gift book about Washington DC for @emilyribeiro and also my adopted big sister to remind them of their respective times visiting me.
  3. The American President, by William E Leuchtenburg
    This one, brand new out and for my American history obsessed step-dad, is an enormous brick, so I didn't lug it from America to England to Portgual with me. I was going to order it and have it delivered straight here, but I'm a) too disorganised and b) still parsing my guilt about using Amazon, especially when I discovered this book in Politics and Prose. Solution, anyone? I'm promising him his gift is coming.
  4. On Writing, by Stephen King
    My Secret 🎅 person had helpfully made a list of potential gifts, and I've read and liked this one and am all for encouraging fledgling writers.
  5. Come to the Edge, by Christina Haag
    My Secret 🎅 person and I had discussed this one a little and from the favourite books she and I share I suspect she will like it. Plus, any excuse to proselytise on this one - and I kind of want to guess who her Secret 🎅 is without me telling her, so this is a ginormous hint!