Inspired by @LizDawson and @bisexual
  1. Pepperberry
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    "Finding the wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful is an important part of living a life you love, because how you feel impacts everything you do. When you feel amazing, amazing things happen for you." - George Bresca. That's what Pepperberry have done for me with their clothes to fit and flatter curvier women, and it's why I buy 90% of my clothes from them.
  2. Josh Cellars
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    When a friend was coming over to watch the West Wing and I happened to spot this in my local wine shop, it seemed appropriate. Turns out it's really quite nice wine, and it's become my trademark contribution to any party in the winter months.
  3. Clairefontaine
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    The best notebooks in the world. So soft. So so soft.
  4. Papermate
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    I wrote my novel using these plus Clairefontaine notebooks - the loveliest of combinations as the pen glides so easily on the soft paper. And such a nice bright blue too.
  5. Sacla
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    It's been ten years and I still don't think you can beat pasta + (English) bacon + tomato and black olive pesto as an easy meal to eat in front of Friends. (The only thing better was the black olive pesto they used to make. I loved it and still pine for it.)
  6. PG Tips
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    Tea, tea, tea. All day every day.
  7. Hexagona
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    I have these handbags in multiple colours and sizes, use them almost every day, and always buy more when I go back to Belgium.
  8. Vicks
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    I swear by this First Defence stuff, even though I have to import it from the U.K. and pay - wait for it - through the nose for it. You squirt it at the first sign of a cold, and it often helps prevent or lessen the impact of one.
  9. Lemsip
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    I have no idea how you're supposed to get through a cold without this.
  10. Boot's
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    So much of my makeup comes from Boot's - but it's the cucumber eye gel I stock up on when I go home. So good for tired eyes and post-crying eyes.
  11. Amtrak
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    I love trains so much that my idea of a holiday was traveling from Seattle to San Diego, editing my novel as I looked out of the window at the changing scenery. Time always seems to go by too fast on trains. I love them. I wish I could see all of America this way. Something about them really helps with my writing, too.