Am I leaving any out? If so, add them in the comments and I'll address them! Thanks for the fun list request, @alexim.
  1. We say sorry all the time. ✔️
    It may be the hardest word, but it's also the most useful one: POSSIBLE MEANINGS OF "SORRY": A GUIDE FOR NON BRITS.
  2. We all have beautiful accents. ✖️
    Many of us do - particularly those of us who grew up in the South East (the land of the posh and well educated) and went to private school. I didn't, and my accent is gardener variety, but I'll never get tired of hearing how beautiful it sounds to Americans. Also, some of us sound like Martine McCutcheon in Love Actually. And our regional accents vary widely - which are beautiful and which are not is kind of subjective.
  3. We all live in mansions and have servants. ✖️
    Has there ever been a British character on American TV who doesn't? Even New Girl Jess' boyfriend was rich and posh and (of course) beautifully accented.
  4. We drink tea a lot. ✔️
  5. We love our socialised healthcare! ✔️
    The whole getting treated whatever your disease or injury is without paying or filling in forms and yes, paying taxes to fund it but really only minimal taxes compared to the cost of health insurance in the US - who knew it would be so popular?
  6. We love queuing. ✔️
    It's so orderly.
  7. We never say what we mean. ✖️✔️
    True, we tend to understate some things ("that's good, isn't it?" vs "that's totally awesome, you guys!") - but language is a set of conventions, and Brits know the conventions, just as Americans know that "totally awesome" does not, in fact, mean you had to pause and wonder at the greatness of a thing and were drawn to a moment of transcendence. We know that "can you do this just whenever you get a minute" means "please do it immediately". It's like we have an inbuilt translator.
  8. Our food is bad ✖️✖️✖️
    Our food was bad in the '50s, when we overboiled everything. It is now pretty damn great, influenced by all kinds of other countries, and by and large free of GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and all sorts of other nasty things. London restaurants are 👍, too.
  9. We are emotionally repressed. ✖️
    We don't necessarily share our emotions but that doesn't mean we don't have them or that we aren't aware of them. (Same, by the way, for patriotism - we are fiercely proud of our country, even though we are quiet and undemonstrative about it.) Also, we share them more than we used to - yes, my step dad is a little emotionally repressed, but he's also old. This and the food thing are mostly remnants of another era.