I go to a lot of author signings. Here are some of my favourite signatures from the last three and a half years.
  1. Christina Haag
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  2. Judy Blume
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    I got to tell her that the most rebellious thing I did when I was 14 was read Forever.
  3. Colum McCann
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    His book, Let The Great World Spin, is in my All Time Top Five. Wonderful to discover he's also a really nice guy.
  4. Elissa Schappell
    A7419965 ddb6 49fe 9657 c0ef21d5af4b
    Such a compliment from such an accomplished writer. I had the slightly terrifying privilege of studying with her at the Tin House Summer Workshop in 2014.
  5. Hanna Pyvlainen
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    I asked for magical writer dust.
  6. Karin Tanabe
    3182c3ba 599c 452e b36c 0e20afcc13cd
    Before we were friends
  7. Karin Tanabe
    967b3c45 cf4d 4ca9 b089 02d433c0a316
    And after we'd become friends
  8. Reif Larsen
    601c0f9b 9269 4a44 b09b 757b4ce77f75
    Had a wonderful week studying with him at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown in 2014.
  9. David Sedaris
    D0674142 0edd 4fdf bc33 25232036d33c
  10. Lauren Groff
    Cac11a0e a3f3 4176 875e e4724268cf03
    She high fived me when I told her I'd just got an agent.
  11. Jesse Eisenberg
    6674e115 8d1e 4995 94cb 117512c8bf8e
  12. Sarah MacLean
    6b95bb8e d15d 467b 9e1e c44f68a38292
    From one West Wing fan to another
  13. Jami Attenberg
    9d729ba6 9124 4c1e beab be7a46e9e901
  14. Jami Attenberg
    41ea9ab8 25c6 4ff8 9462 a2b97084ae5f
    Two years and a Facebook friendship later
  15. Olympia Snowe
    9b584483 34bc 4c05 8986 b48134a539b0
    I told her she was mentioned in my first novel.
  16. James Scott Bell
    31e981b3 34a2 47e0 93bd 11ec37ecf646
    He writes "how to" books, and they were invaluable to me at the beginning of my writing career.
  17. J. Courtney Sullivan
    1e5e0642 b9b5 483a 979f 27f396077fbc
  18. Celeste Ng
    12cfdb77 6bfa 4635 b47d bda2c7a98e8b
  19. Claire Messud
    E5942784 b701 45ef 94d9 2e31445cb40d
  20. Gary Shteyngart
    F7010342 654e 4513 b36e 1c51583119eb
    He says he's not blurbing anymore, but I think this constitutes a written contract.
  21. Jenny Offill
    6a4a3426 d205 4afd 8022 7c2533f1c5e6
    The super fancy PEN/Faulkner event was MCed by none other than @bjnovak.
  22. Adelle Waldman
    5c0991f0 f0bb 454d a497 849994877128
    I owe Adelle so very much - one day I may tell that story. Loved studying with her in summer 2015 at Sara Lawrence. And loved her book!
  23. Hillary Clinton
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    I'm mostly not posting non personalised inscriptions but this is pretty cool.
  24. Elizabeth Warren
    293bfe60 38d4 48da b5f3 93f86e2e3029
    I love her mind. I love her shoes.