Today is Pancake Day in the UK. I miss it. I used to have parties where people would bring all kinds of savoury and sweet toppings and we would make a ton of batter and eat till it was all gone. (Our pancakes are more like crepes.) @alexim and other Brits, what are your favourite toppings?
  1. You can't beat chocolate and banana.
  2. Brits love lemon and sugar with their pancakes.
  3. Growing up with my French mother, plain sugar was what we had and it's still what I like best.
  4. Ham and cheese. Also a magical combination.
  5. Not as good as strawberries and bananas though.
  6. Blueberry and syrup
    Lemon and sugar is usually my #1 but if I'm feeling fancy, I go for this.
    Suggested by   @alexim