What are some gifts that still make you smile?
  1. "Between the Lines: my Story Uncut" - an autobiography by late 80s/early 90s soap-actor-then-pop-sensation Jason Donovan
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    Jason Donovan was my original celebrity crush; lying under my pink duvet, I would pray that he would become a Christian so that I could marry him. (Clearly this was the only obstacle to our joint destiny.) I was actually really touched that my mum knew about this book and knew to get it for me. It made for delightfully nostalgic reading by the fire that Christmas. It also cleared up forever the mystery of whether he and Kylie had been an item when they were both on the Ausssie soap, "Neighbours"
  2. My toddler son chose a metallic violently purple lipstick for me. His father went along with it and paid the tab.
    Kid informed me that he got purple cos it's my favorite color (it was at the time). His father's explanation was "he was sooo sure of his choice" it was one of the best presents ever. 💄🎁
    Suggested by @Starmist
  3. My first trip to England
    My sophomore year of college, our good family friends (essentially family, I refer to them as my Aunt and Uncle) knew it had always been a dream of mine to go to England. On Christmas Eve they told me to pack my bags, because I was flying to London on Boxing Day, and staying with a friend for 12 days. I did Some major ugly crying/laughing when I saw the ticket.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  4. "Grownup" bike I got when I was 10 or 11 that has lasted until now (with seat raises) and promises to last a long while more 💞
    Suggested by @imc