Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. ;
    Few things give me greater pleasure than a properly used semi-colon.
  2. :
    I admit; I don't like its name. It's a little too anatomical for my liking. But I love the colon so much — it does so much work for the sentence in showing the relationship of one clause to another. (And I get a little smug about being, seemingly, one of a dying breed of people who uses it.)
  3. ?!
    The interrobang. I love it for its name alone. And for the many emotions it conveys.
  4. ¿
    One of my favourite things about Spanish is the upside down question and exclamation marks, ¡even mid-sentence!
  5. «»
    French dialogue marks. So elegant!
  6. ()
    Perfect for snarky asides, à la @LaurenGroff in Fates and Furies