Help me, @list!
  1. A way to search for lists that other people can add to (what are those called anyway)
  2. A way to manage multiple TheListApp accounts without logging out and back in
  3. Why do some lists have a + sign but then when you go to add to them there's nowhere to do it?
  4. A way to find all the people looking for book recommendations so I can help them out!
  5. A way to pin lists or move them around so that certain ones appear at the top of my profile
  6. The ability to like individual items on a list
  7. The ability to make some lists private or even just visible to a few people so my roommate and I can do things like list what we want for dinner etc
  8. Hashtags or some other easy way of finding people listing similar things to me
  9. A way to invite specific people on Facebook or Twitter to the app (not just by email or text)
  10. A way to divide up contacts by list, like on Twitter - so you can choose to see only news outlets, only IRL friends, at one time if you want to
  11. Suggestions of whom (and PLEASE let's have whom and not who, which is grammatically incorrect) to follow based on people you like - I'd like to find book bloggers and food bloggers on here :)