Inspired by @Nicholas and others
  1. Little Manhattan
    Stinking adorable, funny, heart-warming, and bittersweet, plus a West Wing era Bradley Whitford plays the dad. Great soundtrack too.
  2. Notting Hill
    I don't think I've watched this this year so I should get a wriggle on. I love the London-ness, the many wonderful one-liners, the music, and the delightful theory that it's totally plausible for a mere mortal to marry a movie star
  3. Love Actually
    I know, so predictable. For years I used to wrap my presents in front of it. Also: age gaps don't matter! Telling people how you feel is always a good idea! I love the hope in some of the stories. But I also love it shows life in all its messiness.
  4. The Sound of Music
    Haven't watched it in a while but there was a long period of my life when I watched it every year mainly because the BBC always showed it at Christmas. I love that as you get older you can identify with different characters so there's something in it for everyone!
  5. When Harry Met Sally
    Yes, @Nicholas, me too. The gold standard of American rom coms.
  6. Saving Mr Banks
    I mean, this is only year 3, but I probably will - plus I've already seen it at least four or five times so if you average it out... I tend to fast forward the sad father parts - they're a bit too close to home. But I love this film! Emma Thompson is wonderful. Plus Bradley Whitford (sensing a theme, anyone?). And our very own @bjnovak.
  7. They Came Together
    I don't know that I'll watch this every year forever but I've watched it twice and I certainly intend to watch it again. Such a great parody of all my favourite rom coms.