Inspired by @kait
  1. The one for whom I tried to be into football.
  2. The one for whom I took art classes, which I failed.
  3. The one who dated my mentor.
  4. The one who probably liked me back, but whom I scared off with my enthusiasm.
  5. The one who loved me back, but whom I could not have.
  6. The one who didn't take no for an answer.
  7. The one who spent hours building my IKEA bookshelf.
  8. The one for whom I started learning Russian and tried to force myself to like mushrooms.
  9. The one who was everything I had been taught to want.
  10. The one who was all of those things but maybe less so, but I had started to settle.
  11. The one who appreciated good cooking but didn't want to come over and try mine.
  12. The one who is too old and too famous and too far away, but I've never met anyone like him and I can't quite let him go.