Ideally, this is how you make tea: HOW TO MAKE A CUP OF TEA, THE PROPER 🇬🇧 WAY. But I make tea a lot. And I don't always have time for the proper way. So here's how many Brits actually make their daily tea, saving the teapot shenanigans for when there's guests or some other kind of special occasion.
  1. I get a teabag out of my enormous box of PG Tips.
    Twinings English Breakfast is lovely but will bankrupt me if I drink it as my everyday tea.
  2. I put a tea bag into as large a mug as I can find.
    Although sometimes other criteria apply but I feel like that necessitates a separate list.
  3. I boil the water in an electric kettle which I plug in at the wall and which turns itself off when it is at boiling point.
    No one, except when camping, has used a stove-top kettle in the U.K. since approximately 1963.
  4. I pour the water, once boiled, into the mug.
  5. I add a splash of milk
    Other people take it with more milk. That is fine it they like it that way, I suppose. I use 2%/semi skimmed but preferences vary. I don't much like full fat milk in tea though - its taste tends to overwhelm the tea
  6. I wiggle the teabag around with the spoon until the tea is exactly the right colour.
    For me, that's a pretty dark brown, but everyone's different! When someone can make mine exactly the right colour I take it as a sign that we are soulmates.
  7. I take the teabag out.
    Sometimes I'm too lazy to take it to the bin so I put in on a plate next to the kettle. Many Brits have a little saucer or similar by their kettles for such purposes. Otherwise there's just a lot of to and fro to the bin and lots of dripping tea and having to wipe it up.
  8. Then I wait, like, 20 minutes.
    Because I can't drink it when it's too hot. This is the WORST when I'm desperate for a cup of tea.
  9. Then, all is well with the world.