1. I've been awake for thirty minutes and not checked Instagram yet
  2. I send my friends out to first dates saying "well if there's no chemistry maybe at least you can get them to join @list"
  3. I now judge brands based on how quickly they join The List App.
  4. I forgot to check Timehop yesterday and didn't care when it reminded me
  5. I can only think in lists.
    Things I've said out loud in the last five minutes, ingredients I would like to put in my oatmeal, college football games I might watch today,
    Suggested by @daci
  6. My left hand is aching from holding the annoyingly slightly too big iPhone 6 up for vast stretches of time
  7. It's the middle of the night and I've been playing with this thing for two hours.
  8. My roommate knows I will reply instantly to texts since I always have my phone in my hand.
  9. I stopped half way through pulling up tights to refresh my notifications in case I had somehow missed one.
  10. I'm supposed to be asleep but I keep thinking about the List App and things I have yet to discover about how it all works.
  11. Twitter is allowing me to follow more than 2,000 people now and this was my goal for months but not I'm like "oh, okay, cool, whatever, just let me check the List App again".
  12. I had a random thought while in the shower (don't we all?) and actually leaned out of the shower and dried off my hands so I could write a list about it.
    I'm not proud I did that. Not at all. But it's the pathetic truth. The resulting list is here IF I'M REINCARNATED, I WANT TO COME BACK AS ______ BECAUSE _______
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  13. It's after 11 ET and I'm sure the featured lists go up around now so I'm going to keep incessantly refreshing until they do
  14. Just missed my stop on the bus and am having to go a different route entirely - all because I was refreshing my feed.
  15. I'm now dreaming about the List App! Interrupting fictional dream weddings to spread the news: THE LIST APP IS NOW IN MY DREAMS
    Suggested by @erinrose