Hmm, this was a requested list but it looks like the person who requested it might not be here anymore?! (Or does it not say anymore when a list is requested? Hope that's not the case!)
  1. I was here very early - on day one of the public app.
  2. I was in love from day one and I interacted a lot with other ListAppers. Comments, likes, relists. I was on here probably for a solid hour or two per day plus constant quick checks for months and I posted a list every day for months. Slow and steady wins the race! (Though @bjnovak might add that's only till truth and talent take their place!)
  3. @LevNovak would occasionally do lists where we all followed each other so that newbies didn't get discouraged from having very few followers.
  4. I wrote a few posts for @bookriot about the app, so quite a few people found the app because of me and so followed me pretty much automatically.
  5. I wrote a lot of lists people liked and it was easyish to trend in the early days and so I got some followers from that.
  6. It was also easyish to catch the eye of the Powers That Be.
  7. One day, I got a sudden influx of new followers, as happens whenever a Book Riot post about the app goes live. But there was no new post. 🤔
  8. Oh! I had a thought. I checked the recommended users. They had added me! 😊 Along with, over the next few weeks, some other high-profile, quality ListAppers. I was so excited.
  9. @bjnovak went on TV a few times and so all these people joined and followed all the recommended users. It was a lot of fun watching the notifications flood in at those times.
  10. The Android version was released so there was another sudden influx of users. And a lot of those people followed everyone on the recommended users list, too.
  11. Then I stopped getting new followers from one day to the next - apparently a new policy is now in place and you have to be some degree of famous, not just List App famous, to be on the recommended users list now. (But that's okay because one day I'm going to be a famous writer!)
  12. My social media fame was a lot of fun while it lasted. I miss it. I've put a lot of time and energy into this community and it was nice to have it rewarded in a tiny but, to me, v significant way.
  13. So in short, I was very lucky and caught up in a bit of a whirlwind. Which possibly isn't all that helpful if you're looking for tips? Sorry about that. But this app isn't really about having a million followers. It's about getting involved in community and finding your people. Welcome, and hang in there!