No pressure, authors. You really do want me to read and like your book, though - and the more of these boxes it ticks, the more likely that is. (The magic number is probably three.) My effusive enthusiasm makes me very useful to have around when you want your book talked about.
  1. I hear it talked about all over the place.
  2. One of those places is All The Books!, the podcast by Book Riot
  3. It has a pretty cover (I know, I know).
  4. It has a bright pink cover.
  5. I tweet you or or ListApp you (what's the verb, do we have a verb yet) and you respond in some way.
    An author being kind and responsive to me makes a 3/5 (ie perfectly enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable) book feel like a 4/5 book (which I'm then much more likely to recommend) and a 4/5 book feel like a 5/5 book. If the book was at 5/5 and its author is generous and lovely, I will never shut up about this book. Ever.
  6. I loved your last book - though not in a 10/10 kind of way because then I'll just be scared it won't be as good and I'll be sad.
    This exception does not apply to Christina Haag - I will read anything she writes.
  7. I go to a reading at Politics and Prose.
    I always tell myself I don't need to buy the book, but after I hear the author speak how could I not buy the book?
  8. You write about DC.
  9. You write about Hollywood.
  10. You write about doomed love.
  11. You write about long-ago lost love that has a chance of being found again.
  12. You write about ballet.
  13. You are in any way associated with the West Wing.
  14. An author whose work I like tweets about your book.
  15. An author whose Twitter personality I like tweets about your book.
  16. A friend mentions your book more than once.
  17. A friend whose opinion I trust because we have similar tastes or they are smart or funny or a romantic mentions it once.
    I would tag some of these friends if they would just join The List App!
  18. You are a West Wing fan.
  19. Someone who is a West Wing fan recommends your book.
    Because West Wing fans are, of course, intelligent and discerning.
  20. People say you are a lovely person
    This is the most irrational of all. I know that. Except, isn't it a natural impulse to want nice people to do well?
  21. It's a bargain
    Whether I find it half price at the Strand or online for $1.99, if it's a bargain, it's worth having.
  22. I have never heard of it and I feel as if I'm uncovering a secret.
    Eg Sight Reading, Frances and Bernard
  23. The reviews praise the quality of the prose.
  24. The reviews say it's an easy read.
    For sleepy plane rides and times when reading feels harder than usual, books whose pages are easy to turn are essential.
  25. I get it early as an ARC - the privilege of that makes me feel giddy and important and valued.
    And as you've probably noticed from the posts above, warm and fluffy feelings matter a lot in my reading choices.