A list in progress
  1. Why do some authors cross out their name on the title page before they sign it?
  2. What's the name of that rough, grainy texture that some mat covers have?
  3. Why don't they have them in England?
    It can't be because English people don't like them. I'm English and I like them!
  4. Or maybe they do have them in England and it's just been a really long time since I went into a bookshop there?
  5. Why do I like deckled edges so much?
    Don't they just look messy and unfinished? Or is there a profound statement to be made here about my kinship with them given the state of my life? Aargh, existential black hole ahead...
  6. And are they an American thing too?
  7. What is the British word for "bookseller"?
    I'm forgetting how I used to speak.
  8. Why is book publication on Tuesday in the U.S.?
  9. Why is book publication on Thursday in the UK?
  10. Are our book buying habits really that different?
  11. What exactly IS the rule for what you do and don't capitalise in book titles?
    I've been doing it most on gut feeling and blue Word squiggles, but there must be a better way... Articles and preposition is my feeling for non-capitalisation, am I right?
  12. Why do so few books come out in November and December?
    Is it because the best of the year lists come out so early?
  13. Why do the "best of the year" lists come out in early November?
  14. Which of these came first?