Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. Walk With Me
  2. Memoirs of an Alien (of Extraordinary Ability)
  3. A Life in Lists
    Damn you, BJ Novak
  4. It's One A.M.; How Did That Happen?
  5. That's Not Where the Apostrophe Goes
  6. Playing Monopoly Alone: The Curse of the Only Child
  7. I Would Prefer Not To
  8. Find Me Valuable
    Though this one is dependent on certain events unfolding in a certain way.
  9. Careful What You Wish For
  10. After The Lunch
  11. No Thank You
  12. Good Writers Borrow; Great Writers Steal
  13. Dear Mum, I Get It Now
  14. A Vague Hint of Disdain
  15. Sometimes It's Whom
  16. Dear Mr W, Walk with Me to the Edge
    Yes, @LizDawson, excellent suggestion. 💯✔️