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    This quarterly UK magazine for women's writers is a pleasure to read - it's printed on high quality paper, smells delightful (I know), includes a section on books to look out for as well as the usual (but woman-focussed) discussions of craft, interviews, etc, plus a directory of competitions, calls for submissions, and courses and retreats.
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    Writing Magazine
    I found this one so useful when I was just starting out - it's monthly and packed full of one to two page articles on publishing, self publishing, and every aspect of writing in all genres. The main reason I get it now is the Writers' News section, which is great for keeping on top of the publishing industry in the UK and beyond and for hearing of publication opportunities, competitions, etc.
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    Writer's Digest
    This one has a great mix of short articles and essays on different aspects of the writing process and longer, in depth examination of one of those aspects in each issue. Also, it's bi-monthly, which makes it easier, in theory at least, to keep up with it.
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    Writers' Forum
    This is another UK based (but sold in the US) writing mag accessible for all levels - monthly "workshops, exercises and market news to help you write better fiction, non-fiction and poetry". It's slimmer than Writing Magazine and less comprehensive on the market news side of things, but stronger on the "literary diary" - festivals, author events, courses.
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    The Writer
    This one was the first writing magazine I ever subscribed to, and I loved it. I don't know who changed - me or the mag - but I find it less useful these days. I still buy it religiously though. It has good, in-depth interviews of writing and good info for conferences as well as places to submit your writing.
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    Poets and Writers
    This one is the one that gets talked about in MFA/ literary circles and, relatedly, skews more academic. It's aimed at the more seasoned writer and much less nuts and bolts ish than some of the others.
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    Writers' Chronicle
    Honestly - I never really read this, and I didn't even read it when I used to get it free. But it's good for listings of things like competitions and residencies. (And adverts for MFAs.)