Inspired by @kbon
  1. How my friends see me
    Hopelessly idealistic
  2. How I see myself
    Smart and broken and loyal and afraid of being left and hopeless at relationships
  3. How anyone who sees me before around 10 am sees me
    Grumpy McGrumperson
  4. Who I identify with on a deep level despite not being very much like her
    Hopelessly devoted
  5. How anyone who's ever been stuck in a room with me talking about books, The List App, or, in fact, the West Wing, sees me
    Unstoppably, nerdily talkative
  6. How my therapist would see me if I had one
    Melancholic and overlooked and full of daddy issues
  7. How my therapist would see me once they got to know me better
    Hungry to learn, determined, and in need of parental figures
  8. How Americans see me despite the fact that my accent isn't very much like his
    Slightly superior about the UK and its role in the world
  9. How people on The List App saw me in the early days
    @LizDawson and I do a lot of things together, including hang out here, and I love that. But yes, we do go places separately too.