No, really! Belgium and all things Belgian could be considered a Sorkinism at this point. Sports Night has it too: "There are countries other than others." "Yes - there is, for instance, Belgium." (No spoilers in the comments please!)
  1. I mean we’re not in favour of making another language the official language, are we? Like Dutch or something...
    Let Bartlet Be Bartlet (season 1, ep 19) Donna and Josh are discussing the issue of "English as a National Language". Donna just wants to check: "Are we for it or against it? I mean we’re not in favor of making another language the official language, are we? Like Dutch or something..."
  2. Well, I certainly hope we don't accidentally send your luggage to Belgium on the way back.
    - CJ to Danny, The Portland Trip (season 2, ep 7), in response to his being irritating.
  3. I rode the Lifecycle this morning for an hour and a half. If it was a real cycle, I'd be in Belgium by now.
    CJ (again!) to Ainsley, In This White House (Season 2 ep 4), when she can't sleep.
  4. Belgium and the Netherlands... They've got cheese and chocolate to make, I suppose.
    Albie Duncan, explaining why certain countries have dropped out of a NATO mission in season 3, ep 8.
  5. The wine is a '95 Old Vine Zinfandel from Hog Cellars, which once belonged to King Baudouin of Belgium
    Season 3, "Dead Irish Writers" - Abbey Bartlet, about to get drunk with Amy and CJ.
  6. When the British Ambassador told the German Foreign Minister that they were going to war over Belgium's violation of the neutrality treaty the German Foreign Minister said "You're going to war over a piece of paper?"
    Season 3, H Con - 172 (I'm a bit hazy on what exactly he was referring to here, but anyway!!)
  7. Tractors clogging up the Place de Brouckère
    Season 5, I think - there are issues with the trip to Brussels. I used to smile every time I passed this stop on the metro.
  8. Don't let him change the official language to Flemish while I'm gone.
    Josh to campaign staff in Season 6. I've got to ask though, is there a reason why the only language that is ever named in the West Wing as possible contenders for the national language (other than English) is Dutch/Flemish?
  9. It's not like they’re going to take director of cabinet affairs jobs in Benelux countries.
    Josh goes on holiday after the election in Season 7, figuring the world won't stop turning when he's away. Well I dunno Josh, Belgium is a pretty interesting place politically! No, really! You thought the U.S. was complicated!