Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe that scheduling anything before 9am is an act that verges on cruelty
  2. I believe that there is no such thing as too many books.
  3. I believe that we Brits are every bit as free and every bit as patriotic as Americans, even though we express it differently.
  4. I believe that The West Wing will never be surpassed in its greatness and in its ability to inspire people
  5. I believe that good grammar and correct vocabulary matter and "language is fluid" is not a valid excuse for mistakes
  6. I believe that life is too short for anyone to worry about which way the toilet paper hangs, though it does look prettier if it's from the back.
  7. I believe that everyone can learn a language to some degree, with very few exceptions
  8. I believe that eating uncooked cake batter is one of life's greatest pleasures and should not be denied to children (or adults).
    This one's for you @aswinn
  9. I believe it is a tragedy that Bradley Whitford has never played the leading role in a rom com.
  10. I believe that the Oxford comma is beautiful, stylish, useful, and often necessary.
  11. I believe that in situations where you wonder, should I have the brownie? The answer is always to take the brownie.
  12. I believe in this literally as well as figuratively: I believe in taking the risks and chasing the dreams. I believe the untranslatable French phrase: "vaut mieux vivre avec des remords qu'avec des regrets". (It's better to do something and wish you hadn't than not do somethings and always wonder what if.)