I am at a really cool writing workshop this week, and was just thinking yesterday that I don't know how much longer I can bear pushing forward into what seems increasingly like an impossible dream. Then lots of cool things happened today. Thanks God ❤️
  1. I got a professional editorial report on my latest novel
    She had feedback and things for me to change but said it read like a published novel. So that's pretty cool.
  2. I got my first request for the full novel from a British novel
    I haven't exactly broken up with my American agent, but I'm exploring rogner avenues. You get an agent by sending them a few pages and if they're interested they ask for more. It's a good sign! I've been blitzing British agents this month.
  3. I got my first full request from a small British press
    The same process applies to small presses, with whom you don't normally need an agent
  4. Lauren Graham's audiobook
    I started listening on the ferry over to the Cape because I needed to fix my eyes on the horizon (not metaphorically) and it's so good! And in the part I listened to today she talked about the hard path to making it and that the trains we want to get on (new jobs, relationships, etc but in my case that book deal!)might be on their way to picking us up.
  5. Don't quit your daydream
    A cheesy song that yes, I put on my Spotify playlist, but still: it was on shuffle!
  6. Another Day of Sun
    La La Land has kept me going through the last few months. (I even wrote an essay about that, but, oh irony, nobody wants to publish that either) And this song is so explicitly about following your dreams too :)