It's the little things, people.
  1. I start at 11.30.
    Which means, at least in theory, that I can get a good hour and a half of reading and/or writing in before work.
  2. I pass a Paul on the way to work.
    Croissants! Coffee!
  3. The office is, like, literally next to the metro.
    Which in these sub-freezing temperatures is nothing to be sniffed at.
  4. And it's a swanky office
  5. With great cafeteria food.
  6. They pay for my commute.
    Though not, understandably, the croissants and coffee
  7. What I do is interesting.
  8. I get to search social media for book buzz.
  9. Yes, social media.
  10. Books.
    There were, loosely, books in my last one too, I suppose.
  11. I work with Kenny from the West Wing!
    You know, Joey Lucas' interpreter. I mean, not so much "with" as "in the same building as". But, still!
  12. People talk to me!
  13. My colleagues seem to value what I can bring to this job!
  14. And want me to be interested in what I do!
  15. I have my own email address.
  16. They made me my own email signature with all the official stuff on it.
    It was just there, the first time I clicked "new message".
  17. I have a computer!
    I don't have to bring my own with me.
  18. And my own cubicle
  19. With my name on it
    I am not a nameless faceless useless intern. Which is just as well, because I am too old and too qualified for that crap.
  20. My desk looks like this.
    3676075e 1d9b 4c85 b6c0 582b0554124f
  21. I am the Keeper of the Books!