1. Tom
    The One That Got Away. Long story; I may list about him sometime. (Or, even more likely, write a novel.) I met him just after Valentine's Day in 1999. We could have had an epic, film worthy, all consuming love story - the kind you can only really have when you're in your early twenties. We were crazy about each other. He's who I think about when I listen to some Adele songs.
  2. The Actor
    On the other hand, he's who I think about when I listen to other Adele songs. But what if there is no-one like him? Is what I always want to say to her.
  3. My lovely friend Clare
    Who sent me Valentine's cards for years in our 20s. This year she sent me a whole load of Boots cucumber eye gels - which I miss from England and which are perfect for after you've been crying. Not sure if that was an intentional v-day reference or not...!
  4. My university friends
    I have a fabulous group of uni friends. We used to buy flowers from the market and cookies from Millie's Cookies and other lovely things and put them in each other's pigeon holes in the mail room. I miss them. I miss those days.