(According to Kobo, where there have evidently been some pre-orders!) My book, in case you're wondering, is called "Walk With Us" and is out on Saturday 14th May, which is the tenth anniversary of the finale episode. You can preorder it on Kobo, iBooks, and Nook, with Kindle and paperback coming soon. Thewestwingchangedme.com for more info!
  1. Why Not Me? By @mindy
    Kvelling pretty hard about this one tbh.
  2. Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain
    Kind of enjoyed this one - read it for research for another book of mine. I love books about campaigns, okay? I can't help it. Blame, of course, The West Wing.
  3. Love and War by James Carville and Mary Matalin
    Haven't read this, but I went to hear this fascinating DC power couple speak when it came out, and I do *own* it and throughly intend to read it at some point!
  4. The Book of Jezebel by Anna Holmes, Kate Harding, et al
    Well okay then!
  5. New York Magazine's Most Popular
    I'll take it!
  6. A couple of writing prompt books
  7. A couple of books by Lisa Bloom
    Including one on Raising Boys, and you could certainly do worse than showing them The West Wing over and over.
  8. The Playbook by Barney Swinson
    Apparently it's about being successful with "the ladies" - buying my book and being into The West Wing are two giant clues to winning my heart, so that figures!
  9. The Duck Dynasty Ladies by Jennifer Webb
    Someone has *very* eclectic TV tastes...