If you're tired of DC, you might be tired of life.
  1. The West Wing was set here.
  2. Politics and Prose
    Amazing bookstore, with about 500 author events a year - many of which are free and friendly and intimate and some of which are BFDs - Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Judy Blume,... I've been inspired here and I've made friends here - with authors and booksellers. Might be one of my very favourite places.
  3. Those monuments though
  4. And that White House!
    With the right friends, you even get to tour the West Wing. Stand right outside the Oval Office. It's kind of amazing. I'm sorry we tried to burn it down, okay? I'm sorry. 🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸
  5. All the intelligent well educated men!
    Seriously. Highest lawyer per capita ratio in the nation. I get that for some people, this is a bad thing. Not for me.
  6. The metro. (Hahaha okay not the metro.)
    I mean it's clean and kind of comparatively pleasant but don't count on getting anywhere ever, especially at the weekends.
  7. It's so close to New York!
    But then after you've walked around Central Park and been to the ballet at Lincoln Center you can leave and go home back to quieter, cleaner, slightly less frenetic life.
  8. No skyscrapers
  9. The Kennedy Center.
    You feel elegant just walking in here. And the views! And such great shows!
  10. All those restaurants!
    Too many to start listing, though I'm sure somebody has or somebody will, and that might even be me.
  11. Tons of great classes, both one offs and longer courses. Everything from using wine in your writing to a year long mentorship programmes for first time novelists. Technically this is outside DC - in Bethesda - but you know, it's still on the metro, so...
  12. Ballet and theatre and concerts
  13. The Shakespeare Theatre Company
    Great performances, and classes for kids and for adults, everything from accents to playwriting.
  14. The Presidential Motorcade
    Seriously. Those chills. Never gets old.
  15. Peregrine, and other great coffee places.
    But mostly Peregrine.
  16. It's so pretty.
  17. It's so walkable
    Just as well because: see, metro.
  18. Kramerbooks
    Magical combination of books and delicious food! Great place to meet up if one of you has the tendency to be late because you can just say "find me in the fiction section"
  19. The Folger Shakespeare Library/Theatre
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    Which coincidentally is where this was taken (thanks @skrishna!) At a PEN Faulkner event. Once again - books and food. DC is the best.
  20. It's totally okay to be a political nerd here.
    Encouraged, even. Politics based trivia ✔️ debate watch parties ✔presidential ️inaugurations ✔️
  21. Beautiful autumns
  22. Beautiful springs
  23. When it so much as smells like it might snow, most people get the day off work!
    Um, I mean, we work from home, obviously.
  24. If you're a writer here it's kind of cool and novel (great pun Claire well done)
    Not like in Brooklyn where that's what everyone is trying to be.
  25. All that history!
  26. Union Station
    Now that's what a railway station should look like. Makes it doubly nice when you're coming home from New York's Penn Station.
  27. Tons of West Wing fans!
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    People get your jokes and references and nerd out with you when you show them a picture of you and Josh Lyman!