I love the elegance of @LaurenGroff's writing. I've underlined at least three phrases on most pages. Here are some that I like, from the first half of the book. @BookClub
  1. Between his skin and hers, there was the smallest of spaces, barely enough for air, for this slick of sweat now chilling. Even still, a third person, their marriage, had slid in.
  2. Baby as lump of flesh moulded out of hope.
  3. A tiger of light from the transoms prowled the clean pine floor.
  4. [Wrong. Words, tonight, had not failed. Unseen in the corners of the theatres, the forces of judgement had gathered. They watched, considered, found it good.]
  5. Luxuriating in the horror, he was. In the unhappiness of being broken. There was not *not* a kind of wallowing joy in this.
  6. His wife carried their picnic basket to the edge of a lake, under a willow so old it no longer wept , just sort of bore is fate with thickened equanimity.
  7. He preferred the sleek profile of the walletless rear.
  8. Oh, that tiny cocked ear, the white blond hair brushing her shoulder.
  9. Lancelot stands alone in a pocket of fame, the crowd circling but nobody nearing.
  10. [Tragedy, comedy. It’s all a matter of vision.]