1. Self-publishing a book is all-consuming.
    What book, you ask? This one: thewestwingbook.com
  2. My phone keeps tripping out.
    I finally figured out that undoing the 9.3.2 update would bring it back to life. But not before it lost a load of my photos and almost all my contacts! Who's laughing now, Android users...
  3. Our home internet's been crap.
    And then I used up all my data. Ugh. It might be okay now though?
  4. I'm a bit embarrassed about having read so little lately.
    I am BookishClaire! And yet, see point 1. (Or, since I'm not numbering these, just the top bullet point.) Reading has sort of fallen off my to-do list lately, and there hasn't been much of a relaxing-after-my-to-do-list-is-done time to read in, either. But maybe, maybe, I might be back on the wagon. Or off? I can never figure out if it's on or off. But you know which one I mean. It's the good one. The one where I'm reading again.