Thank you, everyone, for your lovely messages on @LizDawson's lovely list! Apparently you Listers know me well ❤️ I was asked a great question at dinner last night but as always with these things my mind went blank: what is the best book I've read since my last birthday? I can't pick just one, but...
  1. Gold: FATES AND FURIES by @legroff
    I sank into this lifelong story of a marriage and revelled in the insightful writing and beautiful prose.
  2. Silver: DEAR MR YOU by Mary Louise Parker
    It's a memoir in the form of letters to important men in her life and it's by turns fun and heartbreaking. It's quirky and smart and playful - as I imagine MLP herself to be - and beautifully written.
  3. Bronze: THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN by Claire Messud
    Great novel of my favourite type: literary fiction which is somehow also very easy reading. Love the premise of friends from college after college and of privileged people behaving badly. Wasn't wild about the ending but this was a good enough book that sticking the landing wasn't vital to getting a high enough score for the bronze. (Ahem, someone's been going down the gymnastics rabbit hole again.)