No cheating or re-arranging! What's there when you open the app?
  1. My Kindle (device)
    I don't buy much on Kindle anymore (see REASONS YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER BUYING YOUR BOOKS SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN AMAZON) but it's where most of my digital advance copies get sent. (That third one on the right is Suzanne Rendell's Three Martini Lunch.)
  2. My Kindle (cloud)
    I did "just books" on this one - if I included docs that included my ARCs and would have looked basically the same as the first picture.
  3. My Kobo
    I have a new phone and haven't read anything on Kobo since I've had it, so this isn't reflective of recent reads - I guess these were my last purchases though!
  4. My Kindle. Do your divination.
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  5. .
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  6. From the kindle app on my phone...I don't read on it, but it still seems telling.
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  7. My iBooks, which I only use to read Meg Cabot or free sample chapters
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  8. iBooks
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  9. Kindle
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  10. My Kindle
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