Inspired by @dfly and the coolness of this experience.
  1. What? I must have misheard.
  2. No. She definitely said Bill Clinton.
  3. I totally need to go downstairs and buy children's books!
  4. Totally legit.
  5. Where is he though. I can't see him.
  6. Oh. There he is!
  7. How close is it okay to get?
  8. He's looking at picture books. For the granddaughter maybe?
  9. I wonder if he knows about The Book With No Pictures?
  10. I totally want to recommend it.
  11. Where is it where is it where is it
  12. I can't immediately find it so never mind and let's be honest I'm too scared and starstruck
  13. I'll just stand over here and take this picture instead
  14. And then take a few more
  15. Man, this totally almost makes up for all those times I've missed President Obama being here - sometimes by just a few hours
  16. I love DC so much
  17. I wonder if he's a member of the store
  18. I bet the twenty percent discount this weekend is coming in really handy for him!
  19. He's going upstairs now
  20. Who was I kidding, I don't really need kids' books, I should go upstairs too
  21. What a coincidence! He's going into the fiction section! That's my favourite section.
  22. I'll just stand here deciding which of these writing craft books I want.
  23. This one about social media for writers is good but it doesn't have The List App in it so it's probably out of date already.
  24. Who am I kidding, I can't make decisions about which books to buy when President Clinton is just standing there a few metres away
  25. My life is so surreal sometimes
  26. I need a book recommendation for my step dad who loves American politics and history. He would totally have a good one.
  27. But I am still too scared and starstruck so will take more pictures instead.
  28. Damn it, I should talk to him - he would be amused by my hoodie
  29. Nope, still too scared, and anyway look at him browsing a bookstore like a normal person, I bet he doesn't get to do that a lot.
  30. I should probably spend a lot of money here to show my gratitude
  31. Though I have already spent a lot of money here over the years so maybe this is my reward?
  32. I really want to tweet and Instagram about this but I can't till he's gone so I'll text @LizDawson and @emilyribeiro and @rebkabat instead
  33. He's paying! He's leaving. Now I can post things, yay.
  34. My knees are still weak. Suddenly feeling a lot of empathy for Monica.