Inspired as always by @dfly
  1. Kobo! Done.
  2. Wait, but what about all those books I have on Kindle from before I knew how evil Amazon were?
  3. Okay, I'll take my Samsung tablet, which has Kobo and Kindle and also Scribd on it.
  4. But I prefer the Kobo and it's lighter and easier to read with that so I'll take that one too for when I'm reading Kobo books. Even though it doesn't actually appear to be working right now.
  5. That's all I need.
  6. I love travelling now I have an e-reader! So simple.
  7. But wait.
  8. What if I want to finish those half finished novels from earlier in the year?
  9. I should take those. They'll help me get my Goodreads total up.
  10. And protective wrappers of various kinds so they stay in their pristine condition.
  11. And that hardback I bought the other day, justifying it by saying it was perfect Christmas reading? I should take that. Otherwise it was a lie! And I am not a liar.
  12. And protective wrappers etc.
  13. And what if I feel like reading in French? I'll take some French books.
  14. And protective wrappers etc.
  15. I'm suddenly feeling the need to read two of the books that have been on my shelves for three and a half years and now would be a great time!
  16. And they need protective wrappers too! I don't want to be irresponsible with my books.
  17. And my roommate bought me an amazing thoughtful book for Christmas and I want to read that! I should pack it.
  18. And protective wrappers...
  19. Why why why is it still not possible to get a free e-copy of a book you already own? That would make my life easier at times like this.
  20. Okay. Time to narrow down this pile. I had 23 and now I have 12! Well done, me.
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  21. I should probably take a spare, almost empty suitcase. I'll need it to bring back all the books I buy when it turns out in in the mood for something entirely different from anything I've brought.