1. It's called Litsy.
    Not, as I keep calling it in my head, Listy. Lit as in literature not list as in The List App, Claire, get it together!
  2. Look at its cute logo.
  3. This is what my profile looks like.
  4. And this is what my feed looks like.
    (Hi, @BethFishReads!) You post a picture of a book, a link to the book, and if you want a few words of review, plus thumbs up or down. You scroll down your feed just like on Instagram, and you can like or comment or add to your reading pile.
  5. You can also post quotes.
    And you can like, comment, or add the book to your pile from this too.
  6. Oh, and everyone has a "litfluence" number.
    It goes up the more followers you have and the the more people interact with your stuff, I think. So yay, competitiveness! Though I'm not sure what it's for exactly. Maybe to factor in to some kind of trending now algorithm, List App style one day? And here's the fun thing: everyone starts not at 0, but at 42. Which, as we know from the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
  7. It's so fun being part of something right from the start!
    I know this from my early List App days.
  8. Join me!
    I'm BookishClaire over there, too.