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    My next door neighbour
    I was distressed at the idea of having to lug my 36 kg suitcase up our few steps, but my neighbour arrived home just as the taxi dropped me off and did it for me! It was a great welcome.
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    Pictures on the walls!
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    @LizDawson and I had been talking forever about getting these up but I didn't expect it would ever actually happen! (That one is my favourite, and only slightly because it bears an uncanny resemblance to a Bradley Whitford quote I love.)
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    A super clean and tidy flat
    So nice to come home to. @LizDawson is the best.
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    And this note on the fridge.
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    Time Magazine
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    Super appropriate given that I've just spent three weeks listening to Adele non stop
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    Many other mags and Christmas cards ❤️
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    Christmas is the best time for post😀
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    My Secret Santa gift
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    Separate list to come, but look how pretty it is!
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    My @bookriot Quarterly box
    Essentially this is like Secret Santa every three months - a box full of books and bookish goodies. One of the books I'd never heard of, but it sounds great and I want to read it immediately. I've heard a lot about the other through the Book Riot people this year. And the bookish items are great too - I'm being cagey because I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise - but one in particular is something I always buy myself but had forgotten to this year. Perfect!
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    A Chipotle delivery
    Okay, admittedly, I had to arrange for this myself, but I am always starving when I come off a cross Atlantic flight, and always disappointed and perplexed that there isn't food at Dulles when you arrive. I also for some reason always crave Chipotle. So I typed my order (chicken burrito bowl) in the taxi on the way over and pressed confirm as we pulled up to my apartment. It arrived between my Secret Santa unboxing and my Book Riot Quarterly unboxing, which was perfect. Yay, America.