1. Hovis thick white bread. ✔️
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    Toasted, with tea.
  2. Müller corner yoghurts. ✔️
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  3. Covent Garden soup.
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    Preferably Carrot and Coriander
  4. Fish fingers with potato waffles and frozen peas - Bird's Eye, all
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    This may not happen on this trip, since it's a home cooked meal and I'll mostly be out for dinner. But that's okay...
  5. Real bacon
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  6. Bangers
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    No breakfast is complete without these.
  7. Pizza Express doughballs
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    With garlic butter
  8. Pizza Express (or Josie's) banoffee pie
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  9. Raclette
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    You grill your little thing of cheese individually then slather it on potatoes and other delicious things.